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An Enlightened Transition

Dr. Lindsey has supported families and their companions with peaceful in-home transitions across the rainbow bridge since 2012.


Enlightened Transition


Being able to provide compassionate support to over a thousand families during such an immensely challenging time has allowed for invaluable insight into what components create the most peaceful release for the beloved pet, and for their family to feel present and grounded during the process.

Although it is a time of grieving, it is important to also focus on celebrating all of the love, joy, and grace that our pets are able to bring into our lives on a daily basis.

Creating a serene environment by incorporating reiki, aromatherapy, sound healing, and acupuncture allows the entire family, both human and animal, to be as relaxed and intimately connected as possible.

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The entire process can be customized to the desires of your family, and we can help guide you on what factors to consider when planning for the day of transition.

It is truly our gift as their guardians to ensure that we do not allow our pets to suffer, but assessing when is the “right time” and how to create a peaceful transition can be very difficult and confusing.
We will be with you every step of the way to share our expertise and compassionate support for a time that for many is one of the hardest days of their lives.

We can also assist in arranging for respectful and trusted aftercare of your beloved and provide suggestions on how to memorialize them in your heart and your home.
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