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Reiki and Sound Vibrational Healing

Reduces stress and promotes energetic balance within the body

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Reiki and Sound Vibrational Healing


Reiki is a Japanese form of energetic healing.

Cells, tissues, and the organ systems of the body generate a specific biomagnetic field, and this field is affected by stress and disease leading to an energetic imbalance.

Reiki healing is a method to correct these imbalances, allowing an individual to return to a state of optimum health.

With the advancement of technology, instruments have been created which are able to measure not only the fields that an organism generates but also the fields emitted from practitioners as they participate in this and other healing practices.

The frequency of the pulsations of biomagnetic energy emitted from the hands of Reiki healers has been found to vary in frequency during the course of treatment, allowing stimulation of healing throughout the body.

This is how Reiki energy addresses physical, mental, and energetic imbalances.


Reiki is a beautiful tool for healing our animal companions since they are more sensitive to the non-visible frequencies and vibrations in the environment, as compared to adult humans.

Often when performing Reiki healing with an animal direct touch is not required- focusing on the meditative connection and creating a shift in the energy of the space is enough to establish a healing connection with them and witness the change in their demeanor.

Sound and vibrational healing is the therapeutic application of various frequencies on or near the body utilizing tools such as crystal singing bowls, Koshi chimes and tuning forks.

The vibrations created generate a pressure wave, which propagates through the different tissue types leading to myofascial release, pain relief, chakra balancing, and relaxation.

This modality pairs very well with acupuncture, reiki and is especially supportive during end of life transitions.


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