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Medical Ozone Therapy

Cutting-edge therapy harnessing the power of oxygen

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Ozone Therapy

Medical ozone is a gas (O3) created from pure oxygen (O2) which can kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and cancer cells.

It does not negatively affect the normal healthy cells in the body, and actually increases mitochondrial function aiding in the recovery from cancer and other illnesses.

This type of therapy has been used in Europe and other countries for decades and is now gaining more recognition in the US as the research and evidence supporting its therapeutic use exponentially increases.

Medicinal ozone is used topically for its antiseptic properties, and systemically to help decrease inflammation, pain, and swelling, while simultaneously activating cellular antioxidant mechanisms to improve cell health.

Dr. Lindsey is able to provide select ozone therapies at home using her state-of-the-art mobile machinery

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Frequently asked questions

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy is a medical treatment that uses activated oxygen to increase oxygen utilization, optimize cellular energy production, destroy pathogens, activate the immune system, and create an overall improvement in cellular health.

Chronic pain and diseases are often caused by a lack of oxygen at the cellular level, and the administration of ozone therapy helps to correct this imbalance. An ozone generator and medical-grade oxygen gas are used to create the substrate used for treatment.

How is ozone therapy delivered and what does ozone therapy treat?

Ozone can be applied topically, infused into the blood and tissue through various means, or introduced in a fluid or oil which acts as a carrier.

The benefits of ozone allow it to be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions, whether they are inflammation, infection, or cancer.

Ozone itself does not produce the healing effect, it naturally stimulates the immune system to upregulate mechanisms promoting healing.

How fast does ozone therapy work?

The effect can be appreciated immediately in some cases, but often is seen within a few days following treatment.

Many cases require serial treatments if the disease present continues to challenge the body and immune system.

How long do the effects of ozone therapy last?

Ozone is broken down within minutes once it enters the body.

Ozone does not directly interact with many of the cells of the body when applied therapeutically, but it promotes aqueous and cellular cascades upon introduction to the body that helps to extend its effects globally.

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